Monday, 4 October 2010

East London Rally for Change!

The People’s Charter for Change Across Britain people arestarting to defend their jobs andhomes, services and pensions,and their standard of life.

UK banks have just announced bumper profits, and tax evasion by the wealthy is costing us billions
(Caroline Lucas MP House of Commons 15/07/10)

Bloody wars in Iraq and Afghanistan cost UK taxpayers £14 billion – rising by billions each year, and plans to replace Trident mean another bill of at least £70 billion. Economists warn spending cuts to public services will ‘tip the economy back into recession’ (letters to the Financial Times from 67 leading economists, 02/10).

Anger and resistance is growing.The People’s Charter shows that we don’t need cuts. There is another way to prosperity and a secure and decent life for all.A government with no mandate for its policy is not strong. It is a lie that we are all in it together. There is an alternative.

East London Rally for Change!

Thursday 7th October, 7 - 9pm, Stratford Circus,

Theatre Square, 5 minutes walk from Stratford station

Speakers include:

Bob Crow (General Secretary RMT)

Jean Lambert, MEP (Green Party)

Alex Kenny (NUT National Executive)

Imran Khan (Civil rights lawyer)

Supported by: The RMT,

National Union of Teachers (NUT),

East London Teachers Association,

Tower Hamlets Green Party and

Newham Trades Council

All welcome

The People’s Charter for Change

Community groups, Unions, and thousands of individuals up and down the country, are signing up to the People’s Charter.
Sign up. Get organised. A million signatures for the Charter!
A fair economy for a fairer Britain Progressive taxation without loopholes or tax havens. Big business and the wealthy should pay a fairer share. We must own and control the main banks and regulate the City properly.

More and better jobs Protect existing jobs. Make a massive investment in new jobs and in green technology. More jobs means more spending power to stimulate the economy, increased tax revenue and fewer people on benefit. Build full employment. Decent homes for all Keep people in their homes: stop repossessions, control rents. We need 3 million new homes. Let councils to build, renovate and buy empty homes, to end the housing shortage and create jobs.

Protect and improve our services – no cuts Save public money: Bring energy, telecommunications, water and
transport back to public ownership, and keep the Post Office public.Remove profit making from the NHS,
schools and social services. Support our public service staff. Fairness and justice Equality for all. Together against racism and all forms of discrimination. No scapegoating migrant workers. Equal pay for women. Link state pensions and benefits to average earnings. Protect pension schemes and restore lost value of private pensions. Invest in young people and give them a real stake in the future. Restore union rights to protect workers.
A better future starts now
End the cost of war in blood and money. Bring our troops home. We want investment in a greener, safer
world. Don’t waste billions on a new generation of nuclear weapons. Debt is crushing millions of people,
forcing them to move and producing war, famine and misery. Get rid of the debt economy in Britain and
cancel the debts of the world’s poor.

Sign up today!

Tel 0781 339 0063

The People’s Charter, London Civil

Rights and Arts Centre, 28a Museum St,

London WC1A 1LH

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