Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Coalition of Resistance Conference on Saturday

I will be speaking in the workshop on Why COR? and also chairing the session on elected representatives and the cuts, which will include a Green Party councillor from Norwich.
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Coalition of Resistance Against Cuts & Privatisation

Newsletter 9
November 23

Come to Saturday's conference and plan the resistance to cuts

Director Ken Loach will speak at the conference

Coalition of Resistance National Conference

Saturday November 27

Camden Centre

Bidborough St, London WC1H 9AU


Conference Agenda


• Unemployed/Student Rate £3

• Standard Rate £5

• Representative £10

Register and pay for the conference Online

Conference Registration

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Register and pay for the conference by cheque

Download and print off the registration form and send it to our office address below with a cheque made payable to 'Coalition of Resistance'

Coalition of Resistance

c/o Housmans Bookshop

5 Caledonian Road

London N1 9DX

As the crisis deepens and students begin the resistance, now is the time to come together to plan a mass united campaign against cuts and privatisation.

Already over 700 have registered for the conference of the Coalition of Resistance this Saturday in London. If you have not yet registered, it is not too late! Just go on-line and pay through our website.

Speakers at the conference include Tony Benn, Heather Wakefield UNISON, Lowkey, Jean Lambert MEP, Bob Crow RMT, Clare Solomon NUS, Christian Mahieux (Solidaires union, France), Dot Gibson (Pensioners campaigner), John McDonnell MP, Lindsey German CoR, Billy Bragg, Ken Loach and many others.

There will be workshops on topics like organising against the cuts, analysing the crisis and our response, the welfare state, and defending pensions and benefits. Everyone will have a chance to contribute with their experiences and ideas about how to resist, and help shape the campaign we all need.

The recent demonstration against the rise in fees by over 50,000 students and the occupation of the Tory party headquarters shows how to fight: mass demonstrations against those directly responsible for destroying our services and our welfare rights.

Last week, over 300 school students demonstrated in Finchley, North London, against Education Maintenance Grants being abolished and university fees rising to unaffordable levels.

This Monday students at SOAS are occupying their university, also in protest at the rise in fees and the swingeing cuts of up to 40% in teaching budgets.

On Wednesday, university and school students will again be demonstrating across the country against the proposed exorbitant fees which will destroy their hopes to access higher education.

In London, a Carnival of Resistance will set off at 11am from ULU, Malet Street for Trafalgar Square with performers like Mark Steel, Lowkey, and People's Army.

The emergency bail-out today of Irish banks shows that the crisis is not over. The current round of massive cuts and job losses was justified to repay the debt created by the bail-out of banks two years ago. But even deeper attacks may be on the way to fund yet another bank bail-out.

Every organisation and individual who supports the ideals of the welfare state created over 50 years ago must come together and join the resistance to defend heath, education and other services that are ours. We need to go to every street and workplace to argue that this crisis is not of our making, and that we will not pay for it.

Come to the conference this Saturday to plan together the resistance against cuts and privatisation, and to defend the welfare state.

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Stewards required

We need stewards for the conference - phone Sam on 07872 481769 if you'd like to help - free lunch and t-shirt for those who apply.

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Coalition of Resistance

Coalition of Resistance, c/o Housman's Bookshop, 5 Caledonian Road

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