Tuesday, 8 February 2011

The Big Society in action at Lambeth Town Hall last night

I took part in the protests outside Lambeth Town Hall last night against the cuts in Lambeth, where only one Labour councillor is willing to vote against the ruling group. As you can hear from the video the noise of the cars and buses hooting support was deafening. A rushing roar of support for the Big Society (which Francis Maude was doing his level best to defend last night on Newsnight but without success) and by that I mean the real Big Society, which was being destroyed last night in Lambeth. We heard the Chair of the Pan Lambeth Disability Forum saying that there would be disabled people committing suicide as a result of these cuts, children speaking out against the sale of their playgrounds and people with learning difficulties speaking about how their organisation, People First Lambeth, is being forced to close down.

We blocked the road after the protest and over 100 people went into the Town Hall. We must continue the fight both at local and national level. Next week is the Coalition of Resistance National Week of Resistance kicking off with a protests outside Downing St from 5pm to 8pm. Artists of the Resistance are already drawing up hearts motifs for the event. If only this government had one!

See this video and more at Indymedia London

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