Monday, 7 February 2011

March to Egyptian Embassy last Saturday

I carried the Green Left banner along with Andy Hewett at the Stop the War Coalition march to the Egyptian embassy on Saturday. Earlier in the day I had atttended the Steering Committee of the Stop the War Coalition and we heard various political views on what was happening in the Middle East and North Africa. The protest was called at very short notice so we never expected huge numbers but a reasonable number of people turned out. Speakers included John Rees who had just returned from Cairo and Tariq Ali and a speaker from the NUJ who spoke about the arrest and murder of journalists in Egypt by the regime. I met people I knew from Jews for the Boycott and others who have been involved in the campaign to support the Palestinians and the anti-war movement in general. We met outside the US embassy where the rally was held. As one speaker said, we were marching from the house of the "puppet master" to the house of "the puppet". The struggle of the Egyptian people for democracy continues.

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