Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Another serviceman sentenced for objecting to the war in Afghanistan while the language of war continues apace

Details here of another serviceman, this time a sailor, sentenced to imprisonment for refusing to fight in Afghanistan. There is no sense to this war, and the recent BBC documentary on the Afghan war, reveals that many of those who are, or were, in positions of power share those views - including the former UK ambassador to Kabul.

As the body bags continue to roll back to the UK and the US, this madness must be stopped. Stop the War Coalition is calling for troops out by Xmas and intends to occupy Trafalgar Square in October on the 10th anniversary of the Afghan war in protest against it.

Here Sanum Ghafour lifts the lid on how the language of war uses clean words to cover up atrocious deeds. "If I had a pound for every time Tony Blair used the term 'regime change' ", she says, "I could probably afford to buy a weapon of mass destruction."

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