Friday, 14 January 2011

One Month Before Heartbreak - The fight to save DLA

There is only a month left before the government consultation on the ending of DLA (Disability Living Allowance) as we know it ends. I have agreed to chair a working group which will respond to this on behalf of the Green Party, as a disability activist and a recipient of DLA. The arguments around the issue are put very well in this article on Community Care website. It will be a tough battle but crucial for many disabled people. A report out today also showed the impact of any removal on many people's lives.


  1. Thank you so much for taking part in OMBH. So far over 12000 page views and we've had to extend it past the finish time of 7 this morning as we're still receiving submissions.
    Best wishes, BG Xx
    "Alone we whisper. Together we shout"

  2. I have been in reciept of DLA for over five years, I live with chronic spinal pain helped by morphine I also live with recurring depression. I did not choose to live this way I worked till I was forced to stop, I took pride in my work and my life. I had to fight for my benifit because I need it I didn't mind having to prove myself as I accepted that money can not be handed out too easily.
    The process was tough and humiliating but after a particularly distressing interview with four professionals firing questions and it must be said what I took as allegations at me I was awarded DLA at higher rate. I was told that I would not be expected to go through this ordeal again.
    Now I await the new ordeal which I expect to be much worse DLA has helped me so much but the fear of losing it is not as terrible as the process I will have to go through first.
    I live my life now only going out when someone is with me or using taxis to get me to appointments if no one is available. My hard working husband has to cook and clean, I am an honest proud woman who has always worked and paid my way bringing up two sons to be good men.
    Now I am lucky if the ordeal to come is out of my mind for ten minutes I am living in dread wondering if life is indeed worth living.