Sunday, 15 May 2011

Caroline Lucas speaks about Palestine while the commemoration of the Nakbah sparks unrest across Palestine

Caroline Lucas speaks at an event in London on Saturday to commemorate the Nakbah. Unfortunately I could not atttend as I was at the National Council meeting of the Coalition of Resistance, of which more later. Meanwhile across Palestine the event sparked clashes as Palestinians mark 63 years since 'The Catastrophe'.

And for Greens Engage and other apologists for the Zionist state within the Green Party, who recently libelled me and other Green Party members who reject their view on their website, dressed as a somehow April Fool's prank while accusing us of being anti-Semitic - I have replied in the pages of the forthcoming issue of Jewish Socialist Magazine - where I was asked to write a short piece on the attacks of these people on both the Green Party of England and Wales and out Australian Greens who have stood up for the policy of boycott, divestment and sanctions.

Here are some images of how the same Zionist state has been reacting towards Palestinian protests on Friday in the West Bank.


  1. This machine kills fascists18 May 2011 at 14:35

    er, you said: "Footage here on the life of Vittorio Arrigoni, who has been murdered in Gaza, supposedly by Salafists,"

    Supposedly? You clearly are very much an anti-semite. I wonder how homosexuals would fare under Hamas too...

    And if you're going to accuse Israel of killing Mr Arrigoni, have the bollocks to say it properly.

  2. I am sorry but I refute your allegation completely and I am certain that Hamas are not supportive of gay rights but that does not justify the oppression and racism displayed by Israel towards the Palestinians.

    The reason I wrote 'supposedly' is that it is not clear yet who exactly carried out the execution and there is no evidence either way. I will not accuse Israel of having carried out the killing unless there is substantive evidence. But as we have seen from Wikileaks many state actions by the US and others have been covered up and Mossad has not stopped at carrying out executions of its enemies outside its territory before.