Thursday, 12 May 2011

Hardest Hit March yesterday

Here is the Channel 4 News report on yesterday's 'Hardest Hit' march. I will admit that I was unable to go as the disability organisation I work for, Disability Advice Service Lambeth, has been so hit by cuts and recent staff sickness that we would have been unable to deliver a service at all to our many disabled clients if we had shut down yesterday, but I was totally with the marchers in spirit. I also raised the march at last week's Coalition of Resistance committee meeting and we also sent our support.

Many MPs were lobbied, Caroline Lucas among them, and Caroline's office has sent the following response to disability activists in the party:
Caroline was lobbied as part of this day of action and had a useful conversation about DLA, housing benefit, support in the work place and several other topics. She will be following up with some parliamentary questions and has also offered advice about eg lobbying the Lords.
Alan Wheatley, the party's former Disability and Social Care Spokesperson, was also on the demo and a number of my friends from various disability groups were prominent on the march.

The pressure on this most mendacious government must be kept up as disabled people are on the front line of severe cuts to benefits which will hugely impact on their health and quality of life. I will also be bringing the issue up at the COR National Council on Saturday.

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